Informações Turisticas - João Pessoa/ Touristic Information about João Pessoa beaches in Brazil

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Informações Turísticas - João Pessoa
Tourism Information about João Pessoa beaches in Brazil, ...


Turismo - Informações Gerais
Tourism - General Information

Site - Informações Turísticas - João Pessoa
Official website for JP tourism information


Tourism - Beaches

About 40 Km of beaches, including high-density populational ones (like in any other big city), sauvages (only 30 Km from JP), small natural islands and naturalism beaches.
Up view of João Pessoa beaches
Coqueirinho (almost no "civilized people" around) Coqueirinho Beach
Areia Vermelha
("temporary" sand bank island - nice place for drinking beer - you a need a boat to get out with high tide)
Areia Vermelha (sand bank island)
(Naturalism beach)
(Natural pools at coral reefs - 1,5 Km from coast - nice place to dive)
Natural pools at coral reefs
Intermares (left)
Jacumã (right)
(more populated beaches)

Intermares beach (civilization is near) Jacumã beach (seasonal beach)

Camboinha and Cabedelo
(seazonal beaches - 10 Km from JP downtown)
Camboinha and CabedeloCamboinhaNatural reefs block the open sea and creates a nice environment for sailing, diving and windsurfing.
Downtown beaches Downtown BeachesTambaú, Manaira and Cabo Branco
Underwater tourism !! Beaches with white sand and clear water


Tourism - Sightseeing Points

Cabo Branco/ Ponta de Seixas
(where the sun and the new millenium will come first for all south america)
Ponta de Seixas (Cabo Branco)Farol


(downtown JP)
Lagoa - DowntownLagoa
João Pessoa is considered by United Nations specialists as the greenest city of the Americas.

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